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1 . Please send Request form when you decide vehicles you want.

2 . Within 3 days after we receive it, we will find your vehicles from auto auctions and cooperation company.
And then we will send you estimate of purchases by fax or mail.

3 . If you decide to purchase it, we will send you purchase order by fax. Please fax back it with your signature to us.

4 . Please pay 50% of total price by T/T within 48 hours, and then send the bank receipt by fax.

5 . When we confirm your payment, we will arrange the shipment.

6 . As soon as the shipment has been executed, we will send a copy of B/L by fax.

7 . Please pay the remaining 50 % by T/T within 48 hours after you receive it.

8 . When we confirm your payment, we will send you the original B/L.



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